A Feast for Crows (George R.R. Martin)

My interest in the series may be waning with the end of this 4th book…the new storyline additions in Dorne and the Iron Islands were allllmost skim-worthy! After reading thousands of pages, I feel like I have the right to know what’s befalling the characters that captivated me in the first place, instead of ancillaries. Why so little focus on Arya Stark ??! Breaks my heart.

I have been following some of the message boards on iswintercoming.com … I enjoy the speculation about characters and the status of the 6th book, which is supposedly titled, The Winds of Winter. It never gets old to hear people in real life say, ‘winter is coming.’ This feels especially foreboding since I will soon be living through (hopefully) my first winter in Duluth, Minnesota.

The word “nuncle” gives me goosebumps - I think it has something to do with it being so medieval ?

Fall! Morning bike ride to work
the end of a month long road trip
eli enjoying the fresh air in grand marais, mn
eric, a first time golfer, coming in as a close last place
annual family + eric golf outing in galena where my dad mandates we wear ragtag polo shirts
short stay in Madison, WI: borrowing bikes to mosey around town
post-canoe trip: picking blueberries off of the Gunflint Trail (i picked the most)
Boundary Waters Canoe Trip: eli’s foray as a bowman
Boundary Waters Canoe Trip: portaging large loads