hoooooot spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings. to ourselves
the White Superhero, getting us safely down the trail
heavy hike to hot springs
camping trip with eric and eli for (eli’s) spring break—
taking a break on the grueling hike to/from the San Antonio hot springs in the Jemez Mountains
A Clash Of Kings (George Martin)

So hard to trust ANYONE! The deception is rampant, hard to keep up.

Though I’m still trying to figure out what is so captivating about this series, I have hints that it may be just a great story. It makes me think of the idyllic image of a tale someone is telling around a fire, 200 years ago, with lots of action and lots of characters. We also have the rounded perspective of what is happening – with the vignettes switching from person to person, we’re in the POV of the victim, and the victor. I’m totally absorbed.

What is UP with the end of this one, it was giving me heart palpitations?

I needed to tear myself out of this world for a bit, so I’m taking some time before the 3rd book. I also have large concerns over George Martin’s ambition to write a 6th conclusive book, so I need to figure out separation anxiety before I reach the 5th book.

with eric & his class at north house (a couple months ago)
A Game of Thrones

Just finished Book 1…Intrigue! Sifting through the axes, swords, beheadings, battles, horses, wolves, whores, dragons, kingdoms, honor, trying to figure what is so compelling about this book. Whatever it is, I need to know what happens! So glad (/sad) I have the boxset.

I love the map! But why doesn’t it include the Free Cities and where Daenerys is…?

NW, by Zadie Smith

How different the dialogue and narration in the beginning of NW, so abstract and dreamlike.  Although gaps are filled in as the story continues, it remains largely a story told in pieces. While this is not my favorite by Zadie Smith (that’d be On Beauty), it nonetheless hinted of why I enjoy her. Her characters are always so full! This book is actually more of a novella, very short, but still the characters are so lively. The relationship between Keisha and Leah, the evolution of 2 childhood friends, scant descriptions but chosen well – becoming different people, growing apart, growing back together, both struggling. I ended up wanting more, either more about them, or more stories like theirs. The relationship between Leah and Michel, the man more beautiful than the woman, “and for this reason there have been times when the woman has feared that she loves the man more than he loves her. He has always denied this. He can’t deny that he is more beautiful.” Two quite different people, coming together through physical attraction, and then as an afterthought trying to make their lives work together.  All this told in Smith’s native (Brit) language is charming, “innit.”

There seems to be the underlying theme of alienation in a city brimming with people. This is especially so in Keisha’s life. Surrounded by so many loved ones, yet lonely and desperate, grasping at random relationships online. All the characters are loosely related, yet similarly troubled…Did Nathan kill Felix ? It was extreeeemely circumstantial if so (calling the cops in the end, Nathan panicking), or am I over-reading?

Lastly, I need to include this because it’s haunting me…sorry in advance: “He grabbed the mouse-tail [tampon string] between his teeth and pulled. It came out easily. He left it like a dead thing, red on the white deck. He turned back to her and dug in with his tongue. He looked like he was frantically tunneling somewhere and hoping to reach the other side. She tasted of iron, and when he came up for air five minutes later he imagined a ring of blood around his mouth. In fact there was only a speck; she kissed it away. The rest was quick.”

sledddddddding (is tricky)
eli, chillin
I have regrets about giving this knitted hat as a gift, but alas I gifted it….

First time attempting actual color work, what am I missing, why so loose?

(“C” for Chicago bears.)

Low-status person with intellectual capital but no surplus wealth seeks high-status person of substantial surplus wealth for enjoyment of mutual advantages, including longer life-expectancy, better nutrition, fewer working hours and earlier retirement, among other benefits.

Human animal in need of food and shelter seeks human animal of opposite gender to provide her with offspring and remain with her until the independent survival of aforementioned offspring is probable.

Some genes, seeking their own survival, pursue whatever will most likely result in their replication.

" - Zadie Smith, in NW